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'Baby-Face Finlayson'

'Baby-Face Finlayson' first appeared in Beano comic number 1553 dated 22nd April 1972. The character is a parody of the famous American gangster of the 1930s who was called 'Baby-Face Nelson'. 'Baby Face Finlayson' started as a minor character in the the 'Little Plum' strip before graduating to his own strip.

Originally drawn by Ron Spencer, 'Baby-Face Finlayson' has often been joined by other characters including 'Jessie James', 'Sid the Kid', 'Goo Goo McGoo' and arch enemy Sheriff 'Marsh" Mallow'.

In recent times 'Baby-Face Finlayson' has made a number of appearances in 'The BeanoMax' comic.

Baby-Face Finlayson from The Beano

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